Active, registered, public benefit NGO that brings together the residents and organizations of the historic city center to strengthen the neighborhood

Founded in 2003 the NGO aims to build the capacity of Bauska citizens to strengthen the competitiveness of historical centre. The needs of people today & the decreasing population motivate to address the work to adapt the neighborhood for living, providing a livable urban environment for work and leisure. Projects: Capacity building of stakeholders for urban revitalization that serves as an opportunity to preserve the historical center of small town and ensure it’s viability; Services of NGO, it’s self organization and financial sustainability, improved cooperation with municipality, etc.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Share knowledge & experience in organizing events: conferences on cultural heritage, educational festivals for locals about the city’s historic center values, participation in projects preserving cultural heritage and involving citizens in placemaking, etc.. As the result of our active work and initiatives, special culture heritage commission of the municipality was established to provide consultations for municipality & citizens how to develop historical center and preserve it’s values.

Expertise sought

Expertise & knowledge exchange in strengthening the capacity of NGO to work with public participation & education in the preservation of cultural heritage in both theoretical & practical work. We have an example from another city where the Restoration Center was established, taking over the practice from Norway. We are looking for new examples of NGO services to ensure the financial sustainability & independence of the organization to be a respectable partner for cooperation with municipality.