The BENJAMIN Child Support Society is an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organization based in Katerini, Northern Greece and established in1994

BENJAMIN’s purpose is to support children in their single-parent family environment until they reach adulthood. For this purpose, the allocation of financial / material and social resources to support single-parent families in their natural environment is prioritized, in order to avoid its dissolution as children should, if possible, grow up within their family.It is at that point where BENJAMIN intervenes offering love, care and supporting these children with food and many more things according to its capability.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Many years of experience in managing vulnerable social groups, such as single-parent families (mainly mothers) and minor children.
Experience in how to contact these groups and tactfully intervene to provide solutions, financial and psychological support.
Extensive experience in finding sponsors – supporters by developing programs and a large network.
Skilled in public relations and event planning.
Knowledge of how to develop a food bank and its distribution.
Organizing volunteer groups

Expertise sought

Participation in joint actions and activities, exchange of views and problem-solving practices.The purpose of networking is to multiply the possibilities of achieving the common goal of caring for and protecting vulnerable groups in need or at risk, and to contribute to the fight against domestic violence, poverty and social exclusion.We will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on social welfare,gender equality and the right and effective ways to reduce if not eliminate racism and violence