Better Days builds positive spaces that guarantee access to quality education and life-changing opportunities for displaced children and young adults.

Better Days offers quality educational programs to displaced youth. We are looking to tailor educational solutions and provide personalized education and counseling to empower young displaced people to build better futures. We aim to develop projects to help integrate displaced youth into local communities and develop skills to help them advance academically and professionally.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Better Days has pioneered the application of SEL practices and alternative teaching methodologies with displaced youth populations. In 2021, our educational center Gekko Kids was shortlisted by the 5th Global Entreps Awards Committee as one of the 100 Best Practices in the UN SDGs. We have now moved our Gekko Kids educational center to Athens with an annual target size of +120 students. Our organization has been ISO9001:2015 certified since 2021.

Expertise sought

With the launching of our new Gekko Kids educational center in Athens, we welcome innovative ways to expand our catalog of academic, learning & development programs and find partnerships that will help open up new opportunities for our young participants.