B.I.O’s mission is to promote international environmental cooperation and education, whilst raise concern over climate change and environmental abuse.

• Enhance international co-operation in favour of environmental protection, life improvement and cultural development.
• Re-evaluate science and technology so as to make more direct and visible its impact on improving future society.
• Conduce to educational reforms and study of bios and environment in order to facilitate transnational and interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation.
• Promote equal opportunities and access to knowledge for vulnerable social groups (disabled persons, migrants, Roma etc)

Competence and Expertise Offered

B.I.O. has launched a pioneer educational program ( The goal is for everyone to have access to environmental education and to be empowered to improve their lives and communities.
Facts & figures:
• 30+ years of achievement paving the way for climate action
• 10+ years of free e-learning education (more than 55 e-learning programs) with participation from 140 countries
• 700 lectures, seminars, conferences, cultural and awareness
raising events.

Expertise sought

• Learn more about eco-friently “good practices”
• Run innovative social projects in favor of vulnerable social groups (disabled persons, migrants etc) enhancing their skills and knowledge while promoting social inclusion and human rights.
• Develop innovative educational practices on environmental issues between different stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, municipalities, public agencies, volunteers).