Regional NGO that gather together the experience of professionals and the inpiration of young volunteers in the field of green economy

Ecofriendly human activities and behaviour.
Projects: Ecofriendly entrepreneurs- organic food production and market in the Black Sea area; Placemaking as a tool for keeping the green areas in urban territories; Nature resources protection through envolving schools and local community in “Keep your home- Earth clean” compaings

Competence and Expertise Offered

The BSCE members are experts in placemaking, ecology, alternative tourism, including rural one, experienced international project managers; teachers in Biology and ecology; youth volunteers that work with children and teenagers at schools. We have already organised a Romanian- Bulgarian Network of organic entrepreneurs that need to spread.

Expertise sought

We need to exchange good practices in environment protection compaign for citizens, business and schools and to promote the idea of green economy in the Black sea area; to broaden the opportunities of organic entrepreurs network to find new partners and market.