Our mission is to encourage participation and social engagement of youth, especially those, who do not have a public voice or their voice is unheard.

Zavod Bob is an NGO, established in 2007. It’s a culture, a creative space, an office, a working place, a contact point, the learning ground and a community. Our main activities are youth work, non-formal education, adult education and training in specific areas of expertise. Activities further include the area of social care, media, cultural and artistic activities. Within the organizational activities we perform a variety of programs/projects for young people, locally and internationally. We develop, justify and implement youth and project work and various forms of street-based youth work.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in working with youth, following and answering their needs, dilemmas, resources, supporting them in creation of different projects, actions etc. We are strongly affecting the context of field work and community building and are recognized in the development of methodologies of street work. We have enriching experience in the field of non-formal education. We are implementing workshops of Theatre of the Oppressed. We implemented or cooperated in several international projects.