Borders: none works on the area of the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and their inclusion in the local communities.

The activities the association runs are assistance in finding employment, social mentorship, education (programming courses), legal help and advocacy and community involvement through leisure and sports activities. Focus of the association is on work with young refugees and asylum seekers, aged 18-30, given that there are not many programs specially made for this group. Members and volunteers have years of experience working with refugee youth through and great understanding of this topic.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our staff has a deep understanding of the young refugee’s needs and a lot of experience doing fieldwork and developing tailored programs for this population. Our expertise is in legal help and understanding legal obstacles this group is facing, social mentoring, education (digital and language), career consulting, inclusion and sensibilization of local society.

Expertise sought

We would like to become a partner on projects advocating refugee and asylum seekers’ rights especially in the domain of asylum-seeking procedures and policies but also all other aspects of their inclusion quality.