Local development, networks & active citizenship

Local development & networks / Technology and field action observatories to promote quality of life, ambient, mobility, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, empowerment of third sector entities, education and Youth. Projects under way in Lisbon supported by local authorities (in historic neighbourhoods). We recently worked with an international network (Organicity – h2020) to develop an experimental laboratory to evaluate the impact of mass tourism in the historical center of Lisbon. We are members of the community-based local development network in Lisbon with 160 associated entities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Consulting / network management / Mobility / technological solutions / Participatory architecture / Tourism / sociocultural animation / education & Youth / we encourage active citizenship and social entrepreneurship Team speaks 8 different languages / ability to develop applications & concept notes programs or projects / partnerships with entities in France, Italy, England, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, and some from African and Asia.

Expertise sought

Based on community-based local development, we want to share our experience, particularly in the areas of priority intervention, closely related to the local development bottom-up projects implemented by the municipality, which have been successful since 2011. With regard to the implementation of projects designed by partners, we want to make the connection to southern Europe, in particular to Portugal, but also to Portuguese-speaking countries.