We apply the concept of learning-by-doing methodology. The aim is to foster entrepreneurial mindset and equip youngsters with up-to-date life skills.

– VET by practice enterprises /PE/
– Motivation trainings
– Reducing early school leaving
– Application of digital skills in work environment
– Trainings in protection of intellectual property rights
– Organization of international events for youngsters
– Training of trainers
– Networking on national and international level – coordinator of the national PEs network and a member of the worldwide network of PEs EUROPEN-PEN International
– Bridging education and business, NGOs, governmental organizations and other stakeholders
– National service centre of Ministry of Education

Competence and Expertise Offered

– provision of educational services in a virtual, simulated working environment
– cooperation on international and cross-border level
– training of trainers
– development of educational programs for children and youth
– quality management, assessment and certification of PEs and trainees
– organization of national and international events and exhibitions, including competitions in the fields of VET
– work with young volunteers and business people
– networking and net-coordination

Expertise sought

We have a lot of good experience in developing educational products for children and young people and adaptation of real-life scenarios for training purposes. We are interested in sharing experience and development of active networks on the Balkans and world-wide. We are ready to train education and training providers to set-up new learning-by-doing opportunities leading to inclusion and better start-up.