Bfree has the goal to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills in youth while developing the cultural and educational environment in Bulgaria.

Our team has experience with cultural, art, entreprenerual and educational projects working with disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed and the roma community.
We’re organising different training courses, events, conferences to: develop and strengthen the national and European identity awareness; build relationships across different cultures, religions, languages ​​and nationalities; promote entrepreneurship, volunteering, active citizenship.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Project ideation, writing, implementation and reporting;
Organization of different events, conferences, training courses, showcases, etc.
Competences about social entrepreneurship; writing a business plan; using art as an instrument for social inclusion and discussion; partnership building.

Expertise sought

We would like to work on projects about human rights, art/culture, capacity building and leadership for youth and youth workers/NGO.