Oeiras is one of the best municipalities to live, study and visit. We give priority to well-being and safety, in a socially cohesive and economically

• Management of urban drainage for flood prevention;
• Adaptation solutions to coastal flood risks;
• Construction and rehabilitation of NetZero buildings;
• Sustainable Mobility

Competence and Expertise Offered

Oeiras has a high concentration of qualified human capital, with an average percentage of the resident population with higher education much higher than the national average and for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.
The municipality has a vast number of business parks, with favorable conditions to welcome companies and allow the development of their activity. The council already functions as a true research and development hub, hosting several research centers.

Expertise sought

We would like to identify project partners within the scope of the EEAGrants to carry out an event to share good practices and technologies for the construction and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure, in order to act in adapting to climate risks and mitigating emissions.
With this initiative, the intention is to bring holders of innovative solutions to Oeiras and obtain an analysis of their applicability to our territory through an exchange between technicians from different countries.