K3 supports patients,health professionals and carers with cancer by improving access, adapting content and personalizing health related information.

The main goal of K3 is to reduce fragmentary and sporadic treatment of cancer patients, to facilitate access to the digital society and to support and develop Patients’ Associations as Health & Welfare Centers which will ensure consistent and continuous care of cancer patients, with the involvement of the local community.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Τhrough collaboration, we are able to accurately transfer our knowledge regarding the training of volunteers and carers . In addition to this, we can introduce any of those involved with the disease to the modern digital reality. For the first time in Greece, the personal assistant for cancer patients becomes a reality, where all issues are solved via the K3 digital platform.

Expertise sought

During the lifetime of this program, we hope to upgrade provided services and to acquire the necessary expertise to support our target-groups, whilst enhancing our cooperation with similar high-standard organizations.