The Career and Development Institute is a nonprofit organization focusing on career and personal development projects.

Our ambition is for early age students to make their own career choices – consciously and based on their interests and talents and to encourage them to aim high and reach long in their career growth, through positive reinforcement, critical thinking and professional support. In this way, we also help to ensure that more young adults contribute to the economic, civic, and social vitality of the Czech Republic. Our main project is Karié online learning platform designed primarily for students. The platform contains job descriptions, motivational videos, podcasts, articles, worksheets etc

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have years of experience working with youth. In our history, we organized long-term and short-term development projects as well as created online content accessible to everyone for self-development and career counseling.

Expertise sought

We want to cooperate and interact with other NGOs and companies focused on education, career and self-development, employment of youth, etc. We want to be part of the movement and strong network, to share knowledge and make a difference together.