The aims and the activities of the Associations are directly pointed to children and youths in Bulgaria including those, who suffering from Diabetes.

The activities of Association aims to improve the quality of lifestyle of children and youths in Bulgaria, to provide resources and opportunities for satisfying the material and psychological needs of the children with Type 1 Diabetes, to popularize the sport among the children and youths, in purpose to reduce the aggression and to educate a spirit of national identity and patriotism.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Catch the Rainbow Association has permanent expert staff with master degree in the following areas: sport, history, pedagogy, health management, project management, law. The Association also works in cooperation with wide range of experts in different fields such as – professional sport coaches in the area of 14 different kinds of sports, rehabilitators , musicians, actors and singers, lecturers in the fields of sport management, medical doctors – diabetologists, legal advisors;

Expertise sought

We are seeking for cooperation in purpose to develop the main activities of the association – civil society, sport, healthcare, education, sport, human rights.