CBNRM Networking is a global network and a virtual Community of Practice. We work with and for people that are engaged in community-based development.

Originally set up as a World Bank activity, the focus was on community-based natural resources management (CBNRM). Today the focus is broader, addressing issues that lead to ineffective or lacking community-based management of both human and natural resources. These issues include, or are related to, but not limited to: capacity building, climate change, culture, democratization, discrimination, education, equality, governance, human rights, inclusion, sustainable development, and transparency.
Our areas of our work: social/institutional analyses, project management, and capacity building.

Competence and Expertise Offered

In general, we can provide advisory on the project’s: application form, implementation, and evaluation.
Specifically, we can help to identify: (1) key capacities of the applicant that are relevant to the call, and (2) comparative advantages of applicant and partner. Further, we can: (3) provide relevant Norwegian experiences, (4) be involved in monitoring implementation (incl. conflicts or problems that may occur), (5) devise and give training, and (6) help create exit strategies.

Expertise sought

Our context: we are based in the social sciences, including social anthropology. We accordingly focus on social development, while at the same time having a broad inter-disciplinary approach.
We partner with entities that address the situation of local people, as connected with the issues listed in the description above. We have international expertise in inter-ethnic relations, including the situation of Roma.
We partner with entities that will learn the principles of project management