Inclusion Sibenik is non-profit organization, founded in 2003. Our vision is a society of diversity, inclusion and protection of human rights.

Areas of activity are: human rights, social work, education, science and research and social entrepreneurship.
Providing, encouraging and supporting the process of inclusion of children and young people with disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities, people with other types of disabilities and people with psycho-social disabilities in the natural social environment; Development and provision of social services; Encouraging, promoting and developing socially responsible behavior; Promoting and supporting lifelong learning and non-institutional education.

Competence and Expertise Offered

During its 18 years of existence, we have successfully implemented over 100 programs and projects. We cooperate with local and regional self-government units, state institutions, international donors, the media, the business sector, other CSOs, public, higher education and scientific institutions. We are working to improve the legislative and business framework for social welfare activities.

Expertise sought

We would like to cooperate with similar associations and especially those that have experience in strengthening teacher competencies.