The Centre for Equality works to promote gender equality and raise awareness on a broad range of intersectional social issues.

We develope studies and reports, we organize seminars and we offer workshops in order to spread awareness on social issues.

Some areas of expertise:
• Mentoring
• Promoting gender diversity in kindergarten
• Preventing gender based bullying and sexual harassment
• Preventing violence against children
• Gender equality for regional growth
• Equality in public services
• Equality and democracy

The Centre for Equality is involved in different projects and cooperates with public and private sector, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our main areas of expertise are gender equality research, practical gender equality work and the integration of gender equality perspectives in the activities of public services and planning, and corporations. We work intersectionally, and our scope include issues relating to gender, gender identitiy and gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious views, age and ability.

Expertise sought

We welcome invitations to cooperate on projects involving topics such as gender diversity, sexual health, sexual harassement, universal design and challenging gender stereotypes.