Center for Gender and Equality is located at The University of Agder, and works to promote equality and tackle discrimination.

Our main goals as a center are:

Concentrating and developing research and competence on gender and equality in the Agderregion of Norway, strengthening education and dissemination about gender and equality and being a driving force for increased equality and diversity in the region.

We have extensive experience in project work, evaluations, research, guidance and training programmes. Our project work has been focused on the following areas: Workplace equality; gender equality; sexual harassment; local politics & democracy, diversity management and LGBTQI.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Centre for Gender and Equality (CGE) at the University of Agder have expertise on working with equality and anti-discrimination in a broad perspective in all levels. Technically the Centre have various experience developing conferences, events and projects for public, private and voluntary sector. In addition, the Center have been partners and project leaders in regional, national and international projects, including EEA projects. The partners professional expertise is on gender and equality

Expertise sought

We are looking for project partners who work in the areas of our interest. We are open to different forms for collaborations and cooperation.