CfL is a Greek NGO that provides psychosocial and legal support to people living with HIV, opposes HIV stigma and promotes sexuality education.

Centre of Life’s work is mainly focused on:
– providing social, psychological and legal assistance to PLWH and those close to them
– implementing programmes tailored to the needs of specific groups of PLWH (e.g. women’s empowerment, detainees, IDUs, P2P support, buddy’s program in hospitals, drop-in centre)
– advocating for PLWH’s equal rights and equal access to social goods
– running nation-wide campaigns opposing HIV stigma and promoting safe sexual behaviour
– providing comprehensive sexual education at various settings (e.g. schools, parents groups)
– carrying out social research

Competence and Expertise Offered

Centre for Life has a 28-year experience in designing and implementing services and programmes that address the various needs of people living with HIV. At the same time, through targeted interventions, Centre for Life appeals to all audiences offering valid and comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS and fighting HIV-related stigma. Moreover, Center for Life has a long history of advocating for PLWH’s rights, as well as carrying out research projects related to HIV and human sexuality.

Expertise sought

We are looking for partners with expertise in designing and implementing novel services and programmes for people living with HIV, as well as in running general public campaigns for HIV prevention and stigma alleviation. We are also seeking partners with experience in comprehensive sexuality education in various settings (especially in adolescents and parents) and in carrying out research on issues related to HIV and human sexuality.