Grassroots women’s organization w. over 10.000 members active on local and national level (gender issues, social iss., participation, community dev.)

CWU members live largely in rural regions. Their focus is mostly on community development, active participation on local / regional level (e.g. social issues and policies, political participation, culture, environment, health).

On national level the CWU current main focus is on e.g. gender based violence and related issues (goal: “Istanbul Convention” ratification); social issues (incl. pension gap, informal care givers and support services for families, services for children and the elderly, single parents), women´s employment and WLB; networking and cooperation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our organization has managed and led number of national and international projects incl. 2 major projects under CIP Equal round 1 & 2 (focus: WLB policies, women’s empowerment, establ.of regional information & counselling / training centres for women); currently we run a 3-year regional project focused on social inclusion of disadvantaged women; since 2014 we have also participated on a continuous Instanbul Convention awareness campaing (i.a.)

Expertise sought

We currently consider several types of activites / focus areas/ needs: a) bringing women living in rural areas back to the focus; b) combating (online) hate speech, fake news and related isues; c) GBV & Istanbul Convention; d) effective networking and capacity building (crosscutting theme).