CFCECAS is a non-governmental organisation opened in 2007, with a national and European reference, through the standards of Excellence practiced.

Areas of expertise
– Developing and providing training programs and evaluation of professional competencies for social service managers for training and skills development in management, managers of public and private organizations, social workers and social service workers, students in social work or persons who face limitations and need support to integrate socially and professionally;
– Development and promotion of innovative services in support of people experiencing social problems or are at risk of social exclusion;
– Developing innovative projects and support services;

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Developing innovative projects and support services for social integration and employment of vulnerable persons;
– Development and support of social economy and social economy enterprises;
– Providing professional supervision and coaching of social workers to work with vulnerable groups and managers for performance management quality;
– Social analysis and development of appropriate measures and community services for social and economic development;

Expertise sought

We search for organisations active in the field of social services and good practices in social work ans social science, with a special focus on disadvantaged groups.