CTW works with civil participation and the creation of alternative ways of life, spreading information and tools to achieve local participation.

Change the World (CTW) is a nonprofit organization which was founded in Oslo, Norway in 1997.
CTW works with local community to empower them and be local active citizens in their communities working with concrete project to improve their way of living. We also works for the creation of alternative ways of life, build up sustainable human settlements, and spread information and tools that are needed in order to achieve self-sufficiency and autonomy. CTW supports and works with local and grassroots organizations with similar goals throughout Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Local development NGO and Local Municipalities.
– Entrepreneurship.
– Strengthening the capacity building.
– Civil Participation, Facilitate a transformation from inside.
– Working with kids and youth.
– Concrete and innovative tools for Sustainable Development.

Expertise sought

We were involved in partnerships within the EEA Grants program in several countries: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Romania and Greek until now.
We want to strength on going processes with local communities and NGO’s which can gain some tools and skills in order to reach in a better way successful results towards sustainability and active citizenship.