Compassion, Kindness, Hope, Optimism. These are some of the values that Christian Hope believes strongly in and will guide us throughout our beau

The Christian Hope Foundation is meant to offer as much help as possible to all people with whom life has not been mild. Especially children born in the most precarious environments.

Competence and Expertise Offered

After-school for children that live in difficult environment
Providing help for children, families or adults only that have health problems and they cannot afford or they do not know where to find doctors.

Expertise sought

Although the Foundation is at its begining of the road we have managed to change more than 100 children that were about to leave school. We found one after-school and afer two years another one and right now we have 70 children registered. Those children receive help for their homework, they receive a free meal, one time a year we go on holiday, two times a year we do “fun” activities (we go to waterparks, or we climb in the trees), a few times a year we see movies and so on.