Association CICIA Romania was created in 2003 through the PHARE RICOP project and it has an important portfolio of projects addressed to young people.

CICIA has regularly organized courses/conferences/debates/discussions at public sector in a wide variety of topics (entrepreneurship, training, gender equality / domestic violence, environmental protection, civic education).
CICIA works for young people and professionals/workers:
– Entrepreneurship courses / centers of creativity in high schools, school groups, arts and crafts;
– youth camps;
– workshops on topics to exploit the creative potential of folk art and entrepreneurship;
– 5 entrepreneurial initiative centers on the mountain;
– 1 Junior Business Incubator;
– Job Center;

Competence and Expertise Offered

CICIA has experience in implementing projects and it has multiple connections in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and social partnership.
The skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in our projects: Learning & Training; Finance and administration; Communication.
Our working method SATPIO (sensitivity, awareness, training, participation, involvement, ownership) is designed to optimize the ration between costs and results.

Expertise sought

We aim to adapt our objectives to new benchmarks so as to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
– Building local, regional, national and transnational partnerships;
– Integration into networks and collaborative structures for major projects and programs;
– Involvement in the development of performance, human resource, innovation management;
– Involvement in the professional development of social categories considered disadvantaged: young people and women;