Cinemamas aim to promote documentaries, animations and short films made by female directors to art galleries, museums and theaters worldwide.

Our field of work covers price winning documentaries, short films, short and long animations, cooperation with broadcasters, universities and the national government. We are aiming at bringing our films to the European marked, to create new ideas together with European partners, museums, art and culture centers. A local story can be European if its artifically well made!

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have a long track record of European cooperation. Our films have received funding from the media program, as well as grants from Norway and abroad. We have been part of film-related EEA project with Greek, Romanian and Polish partners. Our films has been screened at several art museums, as well as museums. In 2018 we build up an exhibition at Ilmin Museum of Contemporary art (Seoul, Korea) : The FLIP BOOK. We have broad teaching experience and can offer master classes.

Expertise sought

Contacts with distributors, museums, artgalleries, festivals and organisations.