Organisation dealing with the problem of air pollution. Raising awareness about the problem and its possible solutions and empowering the citizens.

The main target group of our activities has been citizens. We are raising awareness about thw air pollution and related topics through education, debates and public discussions. Ciste nebe (Clean Sky) is member of several expert groups dealing with air pollution and air quality management, and currently participate in Erasmus+ educational project Clean Air. Our main project idea is to raise awarenes about the air pollution (its causes, effects, and how to prevent them) and sustainable heating methods directly in rural areas, because most of those acitivities take place in the city.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– air pollution knowledge
– air quality management expertise
– sustainable energy knowledge
– data analysis
– data presentation
– legal frame knowledge
– environmental expertise
– empowering citizens
– lecturing skills

Expertise sought

Our organisation has a deep expertise in environmental issues (especially in air pollution). We seek partner who will be oriented on working with public, preferably with ublic from rural areas. We would like to cooperate with organisation which will be able to create the structure of lectures about air pollution for public. We are also looking for someone who has the experiences with dealing with local representatives.