Clean Shores Global is organizing local community groups around the world to clean the ocean shorelines, lakesides and riverbanks free from pollution

Clean Shores Global organizes shoreline cleanup actions in about 100 communities globally. Main office in Stavanger Norway. We also work to promote environmental consciousness to various audiences, associations, industry and schools. We work with local and central governments, and use a central database for logging all our actions. We have now 92 facebook communities of varying activity levels. We try to get companies involved as part of their environmental and social governance and responsibility, as sponsors and partners. We look for eager souls who wants to contribute to their local area

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are expert shoreline cleaners, with the necessary equipment, procedures and support systems. We offer you to become part of our international network of Clean Shores Global Leaders. We have highly competent marine biologist and ocean competence. We run many different cleanup related projects in Norway, and hopefully also abroad.

Expertise sought

We want to connect to persons and groupd interested in establishing the local Clean Shores Xxxxx management group, in order to take cleanup actions initiatives, work with local companies and governments to improve ownerless wastehandling in a circular economy way, and to report of actions to our database and to the established facebook page(s).