We are an NGO and a WISE whose mission is the integration of people mission is the integration of people with disabilities.

The Close to You Romania Foundation is offering social services, services for sheltered employment, services of mediation and placement on the labor market.
Project ideas:
• Social economy in the field of document archiving, production of textile protection equipment, printing and tourism.
• Social and educational services for children with parents gone to work abroad.
• Job coaching for young people with disabilities and from groups at risk
• Digitalization and automation in the field of social entrepreneurship
• Virtual Reality in the therapy addressing people with disabilities

Competence and Expertise Offered

The expertise we can provide in cooperation refers mainly to:
1. Writing and implementing projects with European and / or Norwegian financing;

2. Experience in social and educational services addressing youths with disabilities and from other groups at risk;

3. Experience in the field of social economy and social entrepreneurship.

Expertise sought

In cooperation we seek to:
1. Replicate best practices in the employment of people with disabilities;

2. Access on the Norwegian market as a WISE, especially in the field of tourism and identifying a new market for

3. Develop common projects for innovation, digitization and automation especially with respect to the production of textile protection equipment; document archiving; tourism.