We strive for a society that is open, informed, engaged and responsible with respect to problems at home and around the world.

Educational program Varianty (People in Need) works in the field of:
– civic education and active citizenship
– global citizenship education (climate change, human rights, democracy, responsible consumption, intercultural understanding, skills and attitudes, etc.)
– methods: Philosophy for Children, Critical thinking, project education
– short and long term teachers´ trainings
– long term programmes for schools (primary and secondary)

Competence and Expertise Offered

Experience in creating and working with: methodology – Active Citizens (originally from British Council); long term programme Global Action Schools, training teachers in global citizenship education, methodology Philosophy for Children, school project preparation, leading a long term programms for schools.

Expertise sought

How to lead a school to improve it´s inner school culture towards a more democratic and globally responsible approach. How to learn teachers to work with pupils in a more participative way.
How to integrate active citizenship (real not only theoretical) into school curriculum.
Cooperation among schools from different countries.
Experiences in the field of active citizenship education and global citizenship education (working not only on local topics but also global ones).