We operate in the fields of youth, education, training & employment. Our general aim is to develop skills in people as a resource for community change

Very strong work with minorities (school and after school): ROMA Portuguese population as well as with migrants. We also organize training courses. Fields: employment, socio-cultural animation, childcare, youth work, education and social intervention, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, sport, art & culture, social inclusion, participation, entrepreneurship.
-Hosting Trainees & professionals under ERASMUS+
-Street Art as a tool for conscience and empowerment
-Coworking Space
-Participation of citizens in decision making
-Caravan for Employment

Competence and Expertise Offered

In 2016, Lisbon City Hall (Junta Freguesia do Beato) awarded the Clube with the Citizenship Award for the institution of the year.
The CLUBE empowers between 300 and 400 young adults/year (under ERASMUS+), ensuring their pedagogical, linguistic and cultural insertion, placing them in Clube’s projects and other Portuguese organizations according to their area of training, ensuring monitoring and mentoring of internships, as well as the evaluations of these experiences of mobility.

Expertise sought

-Make us discover good or “best” practices in Clube’s work fields
-Cooperation from the North to develop the South (including financial, what could also be provided by EEA Grants but is not exclusive)
-Sending organisations under ERASMUS+ or other programs