interventions aiming at:
civil protection & crisis management
pursuit activities for the common good and for the public benefit

C.C.I. is a brand new N.G.O. established on 16th January 2020.
Even though at the beginning, CCI already created a local free project for enterprises by consulting and organizing staff training (focused seminars, interactive workshops in emergency response , implementation during work time) for its employees and improving emergency plans individually for each enterprise .
Due to corona-virus situation , a Facebook group page is used for dissemination of information for the public.
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Competence and Expertise Offered

active register of members exists , focusing in young people in order to create the next generation volunteers through a variety of activities that establishes a Civil Protection culture including the total of the community using multicultural approaches , exclusion of diversities , social support, decision making and involving in response via training seminars , interactive workshops, txt exercises in cooperation with the appropriate authorities and the active voluntary teems

Expertise sought

in cooperation we mostly seek capacity building contribution that ACF provides
aiming for creating volunteers of the future