A contemporary dance company that works to create promote better conditions for contemporary dance in the north region of Portugal.

Artistic creation: each year a choreographer is invited, dancers are selected in auditions, a performance is created and presented as much as possible.
Advanced course in interpretation and choreographic creation: During 6,5 months 20 dancers learn, try and create with professional dancers and choreographers, starting a professional path in contemporary dance.
Palcos Instáveis: Presents emergent creators from the north of Portugal in the Municipal Theater.
GAB: Supports the production and diffusion of emergent dancers, creating opportunities for contemporary dance in the north region.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Dance as an approach to work with social challenges; contemporary dance as a tool and language to promote self knowledge, confidence and empowerment in persons and groups; artistic approach to deal with social problems; contemporary dance as a tool to promote the though and relation with the architecture and the built heritage.

Expertise sought

Good practices in cultural production and artistic creation;
Cultural practices and artistic creation for sustainability (ecological, social, financial, cultural);
Innovative methodologies to promote better work and fruition conditions in the field of culture and arts.