We provide consulting services and training regarding: a. Career development to youth and adults, b. Project management

Topics covered in the field of Project management:
– project planning: scheduling, budgeting, staffing
– project monitoring and management of stakeholders’ expectations
– project evaluation & reporting
– training and team building activities.
Topics in the field of career development:
– professional and academic orientation
– social skills development and integration into the labor market
– adults’ empowerment reg changing/adapting in the working environment
– removing stereotypes regarding female and male professions
– work-life balance

Competence and Expertise Offered

More than 10 years of experience in 1. strategy development, targeted project selection 2. project management, project monitoring, outcome evaluation, impact assessment 3. project staffing, training on requirements, team motivation, performance appraisal, experience capitalization 4. configuration career path, seeking for alternatives & choosing the most suitable one, maintaining a personal / professional life balance 5. support the academic and professional choices of adolescents