CWBB is dedicated to popularize good practices and programs to encourage women and young professionals in their education and career development.

The goals of CWBB include popularization the good practices and programs that encourage the professional career development of the women in the small and middle-sized business; the development and establishment of professional values in the civil society, education, science, culture, technology and the support of the young specialists and talents so that they can realize their potential in Bulgaria and to help young people from disadvantaged social upbringing in their education. The organization’s members are prominent representatives of companies with human centered corporate culture.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Corporate support for building education programs and trainings;
Expertise from active business representatives in different training fields;
Events and programs focused on empowering women in their career development;
Events and programs focused on building strong business culture and skills for young professionals;
Programs focused on knowledge sharing and exchange of business best practices;
Education programs focused on development of soft skills and entrepreneurial knowledge;

Expertise sought

Exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing in the fields of development of young professionals and empowerment of women in career development
Programs for development of youth – soft skills, corporate culture, entrepreneurial education
Development of internship programs for SMEs
Best practices sharing in the filed of building equal opportunities in minority groups
Best practice sharing in the field of gender equality