CREO is non-governmental organization working in the field of education and civil society.
Our mission is to promote the idea of volunteering.

> Among our activities, we prioritize the area of education. Our innovative educational programs for schools offer pupils a range of learning experiences.
> We believe that every human being is unique and our goal is to break the negative stereotypes – especially about people with disabilities and seniors. We educate by giving practical experience.
– We are running projects and believe that people in every age group can engage into voluntary activity: children, students, adults and seniors.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– to develop activism and build awereness in youth through innovative education programs,
– to raise awareness in the area of ​​accessibility,
– to inspire how to connect youth with seniors or/and people with disabilities in the local community,
– to share experience.

Expertise sought

We would like to create new partnerships and cooperations between organizations by making new projects together.
We seek to exchange experience, inspire each other in the field of the accesibility, education, civil society and other fields.
We are always open for making positive changes.