HUHIV was established to lead an effective national and regional response of communities in challenges of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health.

We are focused on preventive health programs for sexual and reproductive health and disease prevention through educations, workshops, targeted and public health campaigns for youth and vulnerable groups, improving social and health care system of interdisciplinary care and support for those at increased risk, or their quality of life significantly impaired by the burden of chronic disease, including encouraging excellence in the early detection of STIs through a community settings approach. We conduct our work in synergy with the institutional health system and the community.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have been acting for over 20 years as an upgrade to the health system in all segments of society in which the health system cannot reach, with exceptional knowledge and experience in psychosocial support for persons at high risk or STDs, collecting and analysing risky sexual behaviours data of young people and conducting professional and interactive educations and youth workshops by our experienced and educated psychologists and using modern approaches to education (interactive mob.apps.).

Expertise sought

As a professional health organization we can offer our expertise, experience and knowledge in all segments of promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive health, interactive education and workshops for young people, covering youth challenging, as well as exchanging experience in the field of research, education, evaluation, advocacy, improvement of social and health care of vulnerable groups in collaboration with related organizations to better respond to the needs of society.