based on socially humanistic foundations, with the aim of acting in the fields of education, science, research and practical work.

● Expand knowledge on sports management,
● Promote and encourage studies, scientific research and work on sport and sport management,
● Encourage and promote the organisation of conferences and seminars,
● Developing digital solutions for sport and sport governing
● Encourage information sharing and spread examples of best practice.

Competence and Expertise Offered

One of the biggest roles in the field of education for CASM is the education of sport managers and administrators who are governing all sports organizations in Croatia. Through theoretical education of management skills like marketing, EU project management, Law, etc and projects with EU partners we are bringing new knowledge to persons who want to make progress and make their organisations sustainable.

Expertise sought

We seek partners in a field of sport, health, education, gender equality, democracy, good governing and who can exchange ideas, best practices and policy which we can implement in everyday life and work.