Support Education and Research for social inclusion of all citizens. Foster peaceful local societies, free from hate, fear and violence.

Through our participation, we navigate diversity positively.
– We supply local authorities and leaders with tools to identify people in situations of social vulnerability, and integrative strategies for cohesive communities;
– We encourage EU citizens and TCNs to fight stigmatisation and elimination of racial discrimination through participation;
– We mobilize experienced older generation to act as Mentors for NEET;
– We support new intergenerational relationships for creating new employment and new social dynamics;
– We promote youth-led events, cultural heritage, fast learning of Greek etc

Competence and Expertise Offered

CCIF Cyprus provides a significant contribution with different collectives passing knowledge by means of its high-level competences and skills. On the ICT aspect, we push the boundaries of the current spectrum of interactive, digital knowledge.

The volunteers of CCIF Cyprus hold a source of knowledge and advice on the importance of social cohesion and change management.

Expertise sought

Expand our networking, exchange of best practice, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology for service provision for migrant inclusion and social cohesion, tackling genderbased violence, disability inclusion.

Training and coaching for the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

Deepen partnerships in advocacy work, citizen participation
and engagement.

Organise conferences or workshops with a concrete impact of citizen participation in civic activities.