Culture Break Borders focuses on cultural projects across borders involving artists in all genres. We believe the power of arts generates good results

We form a team of experts in many disciplines. As needed, we bring in professionals in fields where we need more qualifications. We work with competent partners.

We are especially and genuinely interested in artistic productions. Both traditional and innovative and welcomes all good suggestions.
We are also interested in the opportunity to include artistic and creative activities in all other contexts as this provides good results related to mastery, action, interaction, self-confidence, social training, joy, positive and solution-oriented thinking. We have completed projects for people with

Competence and Expertise Offered

We represent and can share professional knowledge in art subjects within all the respective art groups. We also have extensive pedagogical expertise and experience.

We also have solid experience related to conducting concerts, festivals, tours, dance performances, theater, multimedia, recordings, choreography, dramaturgy, scenography, photography, video, documentation, administration and practical execution.

Both creative, executive and practical competence.

Expertise sought

We welcome everyone with good ideas, ability and willingness to carry out good and important projects. You know who you are. We look forward to meeting you and building a bridge where we can learn from each other both professionally and culturally.

We have completed a number of international projects with many countries. 3 of these with support from EEA Grant / Norwegian Grant (Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary). We have recently confirmed two new cultural projects with organizations in Bulgaria.