CCS is a non-profit organisation seeking to improve and promote the use of ICT by both professionals and the citizens.

The Cyprus Computer Society was established in 1984 and numbers more than 1000 members. It seeks to improve and promote high standards amongst ICT professionals in recognition of the impact that ICT has on employment, business, and society but also on the quality of life of citizens. The CCS plays a key role in linking Academia with Industry through the promotion of key elements of Informatics, in particular in the areas of digital literacy, professional skills, professionalism, education, training and research.

Competence and Expertise Offered

CCS through its collaboration and network can transfer knowledge to the society of Cyprus. This includes students at any level of education, professionals and all citizens no matter of their status or background. Being member of national and international organisations CCS can disseminate the results of its activities.

Expertise sought

We aim to identify, elevate and transfer best practices from all around the world to Cyprus supporting all the citizens and inspiring the change and activation of individuals.