DADAA is an organisation founded in 2015 from parents and caretakers of Autistic spectrum individuals, which advocates their rights.

The strength of our organization lies in the will of the parents and caretakers of people in the autism spectrum, to assist autistic individuals to participate in the social life of our Municipality , to protect their rights and to improve their quality of life. One project idea is to exchange of good practice and example in the domain of communication, ensuring the continuity of a “team around the child/young person” with ASD consisting of parents and professionals ascertaining the elaboration, change and implementation of a person-centred planning. Also the field of Self advocacy.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We now have experience in managing EU projects through our participation in an ERASMUS + KA2 project. We also have a very well organised legal and scientific team working for autistic childrens’ rights

Expertise sought

We seek of organisations dealing with the rights of people with disabilities as well as organisations having experience in teamworking and collaborating actions.