Diaconia is a non-profit-organization offering help for living a dignified and valuable life despite age, illness, disability and isolation.

SOS centrum daily crisis service – Stop Violence programme ,Crisis intervention,Short term psychotherapy; Dobroduš – aftercare for people with mental health diagnosis;
Service for family and child – services focus on providing support to families with children to help improve their communication abilities and social skills; Caring services for elderly people – we make it possible for them to stay at home safely and comfortable as long as possible; Sheltered housing for mothers with children in difficult life situation

Competence and Expertise Offered

Stop violence – comprehensive therapeutic programme for perpetrators
I drive my live – aftercare for people with mental health diagnosis – individual and group therapy, peer programme
Service for family and child – mediation (in case of divorce), activities for young people

Expertise sought

Change the information, the knowledges, methodologies, questionaires