Diadrasis works on the protection, conservation, awareness of unrevealed Cultural Heritage. Training, Research, Awareness, Publications, Synergies

Diadrasis comes from the Greek word διάδρασις that means interaction and that is what we are and how we work. Our mission is to Care, Conserve, Protect, and raise Awareness on unrevealed Cultural Heritage with interactive training, research, involvement, experience and dissemination of knowledge, expertise and passion. The different working backgrounds of the core team, Conservator of Antiquities, Architect and Art Historian, Archaeologist and Heritage Manager create a fertile ground for interaction creating so different projects of learning by doing in many countries.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Diadrasis creates custom made experiences on four main axes: non-formal education, research, awareness, publications. We have expertise in designing and delivering interdisciplinary collaborative projects for different subjects related to safeguarding Cultural Heritage.

Expertise sought

We wish to enlarge our network of synergies and partnership, willing to exchange know-how and expertise, widening our field of actions. We want to explore the working methodology of other organizations, to improve our own methods and ideas. Finally, we seek for long term collaborations whith whom we can keep growing together safeguarding Heritage in innovative ways.