The company aims to provide resources (i.e. business Angels) and motivation for the socially unaccepted (but resourceful) members of society.

It’s a unwritten rule; you need to know someone, to be someone. There are thousands of innovators out there, who do not know that “someone”. They might not be schooled enough to seem relevant, they may be shy, they may have low self-esteem or they might have disabilities, that all affects their possibilities of success.
Through true cooperation, and with genuine desire, the organization will headhunt these unique creatures of divergency and present their ideas to the world!

Competence and Expertise Offered

I am a concept provider or a solutions architect. A socalled “divergent thinker” as a result of ADHD. I have experience through many fields and proffesions, but specialized at none. I’m educated within building techniques, IT-management and quality auditing.

Expertise sought

– I need someone who knows how to run an organization, and involve parties.
– A pitcher/seller
– A web-developer
– Investors
– Manufacterer donations in terms of R&D