Independent theater company founded by a former editor of the Radio Free Europe in Moscow, Marianna Arzumanova, under the patronage of Evgeny Kissin.

“Divadlo MA” explores historical precedents and enlightens the processes and principles behind them by the means of Stanislavski’s system of psychological theater.
With its repertoire Divadlo MA helps to examine totalitarian regimes, fanaticism, propaganda, xenophobia and antisemitism, and focuses on prevention of these phenomena so that the people don’t repeat mistakes from the past. Theater stages author’s plays, works of E. Schwarz, K. Taylor, K. Čapek, A. Wesker. etc.
Divadlo MA plays for schools too, is open to bilateral production of socially relevant plays and facilitating workshops.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Divadlo MA is a professional theater company with 9 years of history and own stage in the center of Prague lead by GITIS- graduate director Marianna Arzuamanova. Her tremendous experience from independent media in Russia and outstanding lecture skills provide the actors in the creative process and the observers with an authentic experience. Several actors are immigrants as well and can take part in sessions with students.
We can provide partners with workshop, theatre space and our performances

Expertise sought

We search for bilateral opportunities for mutual enrichment in terms of using theatrical language, artistic expression and educational tools for prevention of indifference, non-participation and lack of interest for serious social and political issues.
We also seek mentorship or models in community-building and maintaining with the purpose of better integration and networking.
We also seek for opportunities for staging author’s plays and other productions: Gramophone, Address Unknown, Dragon..