‘’Domine’’ is non-profit NGO founded in 2002 with a goal of promoting women’s rights and empowering women to take more active role in society.

1. Educational – research program: Research projects: HerStory of Split and Dalmatia; Violence against women and long-life learning; 2. Youth program: Volunteerism and activism in community; 3. Empowerment program: political and economical empowerment of women; 4. Counselling centre for women survivors of violence and survivors of domestic violence and crises center for women survivors of sexual and domestic violence; 5. Advocacy program -advocating for women’s rights and integration of gender equality into policies on all levels (gender budgeting)

Competence and Expertise Offered

Research, advocacy and education on all issues related to women’s rights, gender equality, human rights and other values ​​of civil society

Expertise sought

Learning and sharing experiences in the field of women’s human rights (preventing and combat ing against violence against women, crisis centers for women survivors of sexual and other forms of violence; gender budget, gender pay gap; political participation of women, integration of gender equality into local policies)