The Organisation’s objective is to provide support to displaced people.
Our support is channeled through international volunteers.

We currently provide support in four refugee camps in Greece. Our main activities are distribution of clothes, shoes, diapers and equipment through our own concept Dropshop – distribution with dignity.
We also have a high focus on non-formal educational activities such as language lessons in English, German and Greek and handcraft workshops like sewing and knitting.

We want to further develop the workshops to create projects that give residents of the camps a way to make a living, to learn new skills and to become independent from humanitarian aid.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have coordinated more than 5500 international volunteers in Greece since September 2015 and have developed good routines for volunteer handling. Our educational programs are very well received by the users and well documented. We are ready to expand our activities with the right partners in Greece.

Expertise sought

We seek partners interested in facilitating educational programs inside or near refugee camps in Greece. We also search for partner who can provide local staff, both volunteers and paid employees. In particular people with background from work with children are needed as well as people with management skills.