Asociacija is a democratic network in the field of independent (NGO) culture, who share experiences and build a strong advocacy organization.

We are fulfilling our mission through:
(1) connecting, articulating and advocating for common interests of our members;
(2) continuous and structured advocacy activities and policy formation proposals;
(3) cultural sector promotion by informing, organizing events and researching cultural policies;
(4) networking at the local, national and European level;
(5) connecting with strategic partners;
(6) encouraging partnerships within and outside of the NGO cultural sector;
(7) capacity building for NGOs through counselling, educating, mentoring, ect.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Advocacy expertise and experience
– Research in the field of culture
– Capacity building (organizing workshops and individual counseling)
– Networking in the field of culture
– Understanding of cultural politics in Slovenia and EU

Expertise sought

We are interested in exchange of advocacy experience/knowledge. We would be interested in doing a comparison of different models of implementing NGO sector in national cultural politics and through comparison finding the best possible solutions. Researching common advocacy goals and obstacles and finding ways for overcoming them. Participating in international research of understanding of culture and its role in societies.