It represents a marginalized social group of young LGBTIQ+ people, articulates their needs in society, fights all forms of racism, discrimination.

The purpose of the association is to contribute to the establishment of a society that will be non-discriminatory, inclusive and open to all individuals, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or any other personal circumstance. Its aim is to safeguard the human rights, interests of the LGBTIQ+ population. It acts as a youth, voluntary, independent and non-profit civil society organization. As the organizer of the annual Pride Parade, articulates the social interests, rights of the LGBTIQ + community. It fights all forms of racism, discrimination and -phobias.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Knowledge, research, educational tools, manuals, non-formal education programmes for working with young people, teachers, youth workers, experts. We have a pool of 12 trainers. Workshops, training in the area of: LGBTIQ+ related human rights issues, needs, advocacy; LGBTIQ+ youth; anti-racism in LGBTIQ+ community, intersectional identities and most vulnerable LGBTIQ+ youth. Mobilisation of young people, communities, groups; organising marches, protests.

Expertise sought

We are looking for an organization engaged in the field of intersectionality, especially on the intersection of LGBTIQ+ identity and racism. We are looking for a unique opportunity to exchange with and learn on intersectionality. An organization which uses intersectionality to achieve more equality and justice for the most structurally disadvantaged, at the intersections of different grounds of discrimination – migrant background, people of colour, LGBTIQ+ Roma, LGBTIQ+ homeless youth.