Our goal is to prevent social exclusion of marginalised groups, like NEET, youth with disabilities, behavior disorders, and other marginalise grou

Planning and organise work-occupational program and mentoring program for youth with disabilities (intellectual, ADHD, spectrum of autism, mental illness, other behavior disorders..), advocating their rights, promoting “working with support model” for them (their rights for work), research their status, resaarch NEETs’, communicative campaign, mentoring program for NEET, active paticipation in decision making for youth and marginalised groups

Competence and Expertise Offered

Framing and leading the coordination for evaluating, evidence and promote the possibilities of youth with dissabilities, planing and organising communicative campaigns, educations for experts in the field, research (methodology) on topics, graffic design, counceling families and youth, education for volunteers for working with marginalised groups, experience of working in teams, experiens in working with volunteers (mostly students)

Expertise sought

Exchange of experience and good practies, exchange of experts in the field, cooperative and constructive “know-how” exchange, study visit, analytic, evidence – based project/research team, responsible and flexible partner, enthusiasm,